Ahmad Khalaf is a real estate development professional.

He focuses on realizing superior market value for his business partners.

Ahmad capitalizes on rare demand generators, substantial market gaps, and high growth trends.

He believes that differentiation is the key to success.

Thus, he helps his clients to create their own market spaces and bypass the competition by adopting a market-oriented and value-driven real estate development process.

"If the project is out of demand, then it is not worth the trouble. But, when it fulfills a market need, then all that it necessitates from you is to reveal it."

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"Remarkable real estate developments are not the result of creative decision making. Instead, they are the conclusion of responding to concrete demand generators and sizable market gaps."

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In 2003, Ahmad Khalaf co-founded his first business; a consultancy firm that provided market research and business development services.

He hired and paid a few sub-consultants to support the growing real estate sector. However, Khalaf was not satisfied with the results.

At this stage, he decided to learn everything he could about real estate development.

During this period, he supported the rollout of several leading real estate development companies capitalized at $950 million.

By 2006, he focused on business development where he landed several large-scale mix-use projects worth over $8 billion. More

In 2015, he decided to create a different kind of real estate development advisory, one that provides exceptional value.

His primary focus is to increase his clients' gains and to deliver an excellent ROI that outperforms the market.

He adopts what he calls "a value-driven and  market-oriented real estate development process."

"Today, in real estate development, expecting the same results from doing the same things is not realistic. Markets change so fast. Further, most sectors are getting oversaturated.

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