A prominent business group in Oman wanted to invest in education. In the first place, a full macro and microeconomic research indicated a decline in the sector's growth rates due to reaching maturity.

The value generator analysis offered an opportunity. Due to the Arab Spring, international students seeking to learn Arabic Language and Middle Eastern Studies are facing a problem.

Most of these students used to study in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, and Tunisia. Accordingly, the current unrest in these countries opened up an opportunity for Oman to offer these services.

Oman is a very secure country. It provides a long track of heritage and culture and an excellent fusion of regional cultural influences.

The detailed value proposition concluded that these students prefer to live, study, and play at the same location. Correspondingly a detailed analysis found the target market segment wants, needs, expectations, and aspirations. Qualitative market research picked on the likes and dislikes of current offerings. The quantitative market research concluded the development program.

The research suggested the most sought after locations. Also, the Designers concluded a highly functional and market-oriented concept for the project.

A strategic land acquisition strategy and joint venture structure model ensured the highest possible IRR. The project generates 45%+ IRR.