A semi-government agency intends to develop a new infrastructure development including a science and technology park. The mandate included the identification of the specific sub-industry to promote, as well as advising on the required technical, legal, and economic framework to enable the success of the project.

A full macro and microeconomic research initiated the main direction for the proposed development.

The detailed value generator analysis, specific to the proposed site, illustrated the unique advantage of high digital connectivity. The location is close to several landing stations linking to more than twelve marine cables.

Accordingly, the value generator analysis directed the decision to develop the DATA HUB, a first of its kind project in the region.


The real estate, technical, legal, economic analysis concluded the DATA HUB's business framework. Furthermore, a detailed target segment profile analysis transformed the initial development-mix into the proposed development strategy to suit the exact needs, wants, and aspirations of international data center operators and developers.

A strategic phasing strategy ensured the highest possible IRR. Accordingly, a four-tier expansion model: 1) private sector 2) gov. & banks, 3) regional, 4) international.

The project generates a 42% IRR. Similarly, the recommended HBU will boost the land market value by 300%.