An investor wanted to develop a residential property that he owns.

The development strategy indicated the need for high differentiation levels to avoid competing in the current highly repetitive and monotonous market.

The project includes 16 townhouses residential complex-forming aggregates of three modular residential units that vary in size between 175 sq.m and 240 sq.m. The layout of the units allows for optimum solar orientation, cross-ventilation, and adapts to Omani living customs.

This Fereej concept engenders qualities common in traditional neighborhoods by creating an external network of alleyways and courtyards.  Moreover, the plan offers shaded outdoor zones for congregation and recreation. Also, this modular alternation of units escapes the monotonous repetition common in developments of similar nature.

In conclusion, a strategic land acquisition strategy and joint venture structure model ensured the highest possible IRR. The project will generate a 22%+ IRR.